Hello world! My name is James Roberts and I am a classically trained German Historian from Southern California and I love few things more in life more than Ginger footballers, Andy Carroll’s beautiful face and the Bundesliga. Full disclosure, I was raised as a FC Bayern Munich fan, with a familial lineage of Bavarians going back several hundred years. However, as I grew and began seeing the world in a different light, I found the glory that is 1.FC Köln, and fell in love. I began a lifelong love affair with everything Köln which led me to where I am now, writing about my beloved 1.FC Köln from my little piece of what is essentially the surface of the Sun, in the part of the Los Angeles area that feels more like the unglamorous world of Jackie Brown than the gilded glitz of the Kardashians.

Let’s be honest, it is not easy being a Bundesliga fan in the United States, specifically one the West Coast. We have very early mornings, fewer live broadcasts than we deserve, a complete lack of media attention and the constant presence of Premier League fans’ monumental arrogance. So let’s have some fun, not take this all too seriously and just sit back and enjoy the ride.