Twin Spired Cinderella?: Matchday 4 Review: FC Schalke 04 vs. 1.FC Köln


I know it has been said before and I don’t want to wear out the phrase, but we are going to win the league! In the first English Week of the year The Effzeh traveled to Gelsenkirchen for a midweek clash with Schalke, and even though Schalke have been enduring a run of horrific form to start the season, it had all the markings of the first true test for how good this Köln team is. And it is safe to say after their comprehensive 1-3 win away from home, the Billy Goats passed that test.
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Why Is Pep Still Beloved?!

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It is that time of the week again! The time when we look back at the crazy happenings of the City of Manchester and ponder why it is people are still in love with the petulant child they call Pep Guardiola. In recent weeks he has gone on record name calling several former players, most notably Zlatan Ibrahimovic, he had his shoving match with Wayne Rooney and has gone in front of the media making several heel promos that are so good in their sinisterness that they could have been delivered by The Miz, but now he has decided to turn his gaze back to his own roster and is attacking another club icon, Yaya Toure. Continue reading “Why Is Pep Still Beloved?!”

Just How Far Can Köln Rise Up The Table?

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Well our nineteen or so hours at the top of the Bundesliga table have ended, with Bayern Munich reclaiming the top spot after an uninspiring 3-1 win over FC Ingolstadt. The Billy Goats have slipped to a still respectable third place, after Public Enemy Number 1 RB Leipzig dismantled Hamburg to slide into second above Köln on total number of goals. Despite now being behind two teams, Köln and Wolfsburg remain the only clubs who are yet to concede, and coupled with a new-found enthusiasm for scoring, the question remains, just how far can Köln climb up the Bundesliga Table?  Continue reading “Just How Far Can Köln Rise Up The Table?”

Top of The Table!!: Matchday 3 Review: 1.FC Köln vs SC Frieburg


It may be only the third game of the season, it may have only been newly promoted Freiburg and we may have played one more game than everyone else so far, but FC Köln are at the top of the Bundesliga Table. It may not be too early to begin taking orders for Championship scarves, because as we all know, Köln are going to win the league.  Continue reading “Top of The Table!!: Matchday 3 Review: 1.FC Köln vs SC Frieburg”

Has Pep Turned Full Heel?!

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When I was a kid I was in love with professional wrestling. Not so much for the violence or overt sexuality that was prevalent in the so-called “Attitude Era”of the WWE, and frankly I was not in love with the actual wrestling. But it was the story telling and complete focus on narrative that drew me in. Sure a lot of it was stupid, and it felt like it was as thought out as a Damon Lindelof project, but when it was good it was really good. Continue reading “Has Pep Turned Full Heel?!”

The Hype Train Has Left the Station. Exactly How Good is Christian Pulisic

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It is official, Christian Pulisic is the greatest footballer in history! At least if you listen to fans of the United States Men’s National Team he is. The young Borussia Dortmund winger has taken the USMNT, and to a lesser extent, the Bundesliga, by storm in the past year, and with his recent brace in a World Cup qualifier against St.Vincent and the Grenadines, the Pulisic hype train has officially left the station and is just about at full speed. Dortmund has reportedly turned down ludicrous offers in the €15-20 million range from the likes of Stoke City and Liverpool, and the 18-year-old is currently a mainstay on the Dortmund matchday squad. So the question remains, how good is Pulisic? Continue reading “The Hype Train Has Left the Station. Exactly How Good is Christian Pulisic”